Every aspect is covered to reflect a beautiful, special day.

With the nature of what we do of providing professional, personal event management, we have been called upon to help to bring together special occasions.

We have the confidence of current clients coming to us to ask to help them make their or a family members special day stress free and beautiful.

With attention to detail, working closely to reflect the bride and grooms personal style and tastes we seek to take away the stressful aspect of preparing for the day.

We work with dedicated wedding specialist professionals in floral, photographer and theming, complimenting this with our extensive knowledge of venues and other key event suppliers.

We offer the bride and groom are extensive event management skills to take away the worry about finances (are we over budget, how much will that cost?), we offer sincere professional advice for those sometimes tricky family discussions (that’s what the wedding planner says we should do!) and best of all we manage all the suppliers, tasks that need to be done on the day so that YOU can enjoy the moment and create lasting memories of fun and love.